Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yea, we officially settled our problem on 4/5/2011 and I know everything ends on the day as well. Yes, it happened what I estimated. Im just so sorry for what I've done. I just need a forgiveness from you but it seems like asking a comb from a monk. I whatapps-ed you for twice just for the sake of a forgiveness and yea, get ignored and I can see how much you hate me and finally, let me go. You know, we were once so sweet but out of sudden we became a stranger. I don't know if you still rmb what you said to me before even if we broke up you still will treat me like a friend? Its impossible... so strange! You know what when I walk out from my house and I saw you... and I was like.. how am I gonna to face you? and yea... we didnt have any eyes contacts and even a greeting too. when I want to go back my house and again you about to get out from house luckily, my friend told me and walk to the other side to avoid of meeting you. awkward, really awkward. This is what I supposed to know. Seriously, Im glad that you moved on finally after youve been suffering and hurt again and hurt. Im really happy but at the same time, i feel sad. IDKY! Im selfish perhaps? HAHAHAHA. How funneh. I realized start from now, I need to be more independent! I think to used to it back my life since the first day I came to Kampar. Lastly, you deserve a better one. All ze best, Andy Lam! I don't know what to write anymore....... If can I don't feel like meeting you anymore. Im planning either should I shift to KL or what? sigh!

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