Friday, April 27, 2012


Hey, sweet bloggers. Im back after a year. Life was wonderful as what I wish always be. No matter how hard I'll only keep mg forward as life doesn't have pause buttons. I've been throught lotsa of things thicks and thins. Im really grateful people outta there helped me whole lot whenever Im in troubles. I be thankful and appreciated. I've met new friends in my college, which is some of them is good and some isn't but one thing is, you guys made me grown up! Things changed so do people changed.

Yes, you were one of best boyfriend I ever had. You treat me good as what I don't really expect thou. I really do appreciated. One thing, Im sorry I put you down. No matter how struggle Im wanted to be with you till the end of our road. I just can't, you know well in my heart you're not the first place but yea... you still trying so hard to be the one and fulfilling all the needs and wants I demanded and You pampered me like a baby. Im sorry I've been hurting you time by time just to make thing clear but you don't want too. I hate myself sometimes, how can I be that cruel to someone who treats me so good. What I can say is... love cannot be force. As what I always tell you,'' If we're meant to be, we'll be.'' but you just can't get it right. Im so speechless. Im so lost don't know what to do to make you let me go. Im so suffering each day whenever think of this. People arounds me asked me to ignore him and stop giving him hope. I cant do it, and Im not giving him hope but just know to hurt him again and again. I wish someday, he may really find out that, love can be force. Happiness is something both of the party agree but not being force to be. believe in faith. I had done everything. :) 

Vip, the precious one in my life. Besides, my family. She is the one who always be with me when I need someone need by side. LY, rence. :) Yea, we're staying at difference place but it doesn't become our gap as we do always keep in touch with each other. Although, we're not meeting so often after starts our college life but still she is the one who I always think of and want to share my sad and happy thing with! Our last met, was during CNY. O.M.G! It's been so long.... I was wondering when will the next meet, babe? Oh well, we do have argument sometimes but hell wey, thats our way to communicate. teehee! Im here wishing you all the best for coming days, sincerely from bottom of my heart. *heart* Last but not least, you're the greatest buddy I ever had. 

Lastly, lets talk about myself. Oh well, I've changed lot as in Mentally and physically. Aha! Physically, from slim to huge. MF! Beast to beauty. HAHAHA! Jk. I realised I changed so much after browsing my old photos and I compare with my lastest photo. yea, the differences. O.O. Its good and lucky I've change to be better. pheww! I want more changes in myself, human will never satisfy what they're having now. People used to tell me be grateful what you have and appreciate. So yea I appreciate and whats wrong Im chasing after my dream and thats what keep us going and to better. Was I right? Back to mentally, Im not longer old's Zoe whos see love in so important. hell no way! Love worth how much yea? Old saying, money can't buy happiness, money is not everything, Money shouldn't involve in love. LOL! This is so freaking funneh! HAHAHA! '' AI QING HEN SHUI BAO MER''. Go dating, dinner don't need pay right? Go for movie no need pay right? Texting is free of charge right? car petrol is free right? LOL! NO MONEY NO FUCK! This is so true after so long and I realized. No money no talk man! Okay, education is free of charge right? NAH! double fuck! I can't stand with what people say, nowadays girls only look for rich man but what's left for poor or average guy? Okay, its true. every girls is searching for the perfect one. Who doesn't want a better life in future? It depends on how you see, different people differenct perception. Like, guys also would like to search good looking gf, polite, gorgeous, and etc. See. this is the just the same! whats left for those girls who are not in good looking, fat girls? Human being is selfish. thats life! Accept it and moves on. Btw, its just my few cents opinion. IGNORE IT, If you don't feel right. :)
To be honest, I hate what my life is going on, I've asked myself why am I not born in rich family why am I need to suffered for so many thing that I shouldn't be worried at my age. But what can I do? Find ways to solve. Thats simply. From high school, I've to work to get what I want. Yea, if want to spend, then I need to work for it. Which makes me realised how realistic of this world. I admit Im materialistic and realistic so what? As long as I never did something bad which harmful. So much to write but... mind fucked.

Sign off!

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