Thursday, May 10, 2012

Greetings, world. I think Ive back for blogging mode. :) Hmm, I think I still not used to it. Err.. how to say ler? the way we communicate, its like something weird. Im considerating should I keep contact with you? o.O Things changes so freaking much, seriously the way you talk with me. hell way, ask me to come over you with that kind of tone. Hello, Im sensitive okay! Ya lar, we're only friend what do I expect more? Okay!I requested to break up and end this relationship. Everything starts from me. :) If in future I regret or what is my problem my business none of your business though. Aha!
Let's talk about my studies. Hectic life starts right after my first test held on tomorrow. wth lar, second weeks need to face test already. Im struggling for my japanese test so hard. wuwu! They don't love me anyhow! gtg peeps, I dont want to crap so much in my blog.

sign off!

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