Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Life's good. :) I already used to it with my life at Kampar. I wish he does the same. Yea, Its true He still care for me and love me but I already move on and adapt myself into new life. Okay, from the begining till now the problem is with me and I dump you first and yet you never mad at me. I really glad you know. Youre such a lovely guy I ever saw. No doubt! But why... I don't wanna drag anything about us anymore. Yea, you're still loving me and waiting for me. Yea, is your choice while I already say what I want and I should say. You'll be better after sometimes in future. I believe. Maybe, because we meet up too often or you stay at Kampar thats why you cant let go me still. One more year to go, everyone of us will be leaving Kampar then you will feel better and find your true love, seriously. Lastly, and this will be the last time I will be posting about you. btw, you're still my best partner afterall. All zeBest! :)

#nowplaying - Olivia Ong Sometime when we touch.

Sign off!

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