Friday, April 1, 2011

April fool.

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Happy April fool!
Do you guys being fooled by friends? Im almost fooled by a friend of mine. He send me a text

'' something very serious to tell you! Call me when you see this! Urgent! ''

Almost wanted to call but after think twice, and saw he just posted a video at FB. Confirm! He want to fool me! Im smart an ass! TeeHee. After awhile, he calls me and ask why you didnt kena fool one? I know, right? Im smart okay, Lee Hau Loong! Your mission to fool me, failed! *evil grins*

This is the first year, not being fooled. hoho! Quite proud eh. :D Im getting smart to smarter. ngek ngek ngek!

p/s Im starving now! I need Fooooooodddddddddiiiieeeeee now, right now!! I wanna diet, i wanna diet so badly! wuuuuwuuuuu! Okay, I will start sports right after I starts my studies. *finger crosses*
pinky promise! Hmph! Yohhh! * stomach growling* weyyy, Should I eat something now? T___T

I hate H.U.N.G.R.Y this word! effing hate. =/

#nowplaying - Rossa - Ku menunggu. ( this song quite bitchy actually, the lyrics. Aha! )

signs off! xo.

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