Thursday, March 31, 2011

This is life!

My 7 eye dzi necklace.
I miss you. I though I lost you.T oday a friend of mine asks me if I wanna get a new one or not. Im quite frustrated ON myself. Why am I always misplaced my stuffs. Lost this and that. I hate my this kind attitude in me! In fact, Im not rich, why I act like a rich people? But I dont act actually, this is my attitude! FML. Okay, back to the point, then i check my purse again, if its inside or not. wtf?! I found it, its in slide side my purse. O.M.G! The other day, I checked my purse for twice but I couldn't find out. =.=

"We never truly know how to appreciate something until we have lost it forever."

Such a wonderful quote, which makes me realize of something, it's good to keep it in mind but we are still humans, we can't escape the inevitable :D
things will happen whether we like or not, one of the right things to do is simply Accepting them.

Seems like Im running out of the topic. Forget about it. :) Life moves on, Im appreciated every single moment Im doing. Thanks, love!

Thanks being there with me.

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