Friday, April 1, 2011


Imma a lala NOT!!

I look so lala wearing like that. T_____T . FML! I bought the polka dot blouse but mine is blue in color. Hello, its not cheap. 129rm! *SCREAMS* Told you, I buy but never wear. I don't know why I hard to let myself with such blouse. Haih! I like the blouse seriously shit but I got no idea why I dont wear it out. I hate I hate I hate! i love seeing myself with tee. I bought alot of tee already but when can I change my clothing style?! Hate hate hate!! I love vintage style but don't dare to try. apani? Kns! shall bang myself to wall! >.< I dare to dream w/ no action! THIS IS ME SO FAILURE!! FML.FTW. IM INSANEEEE! CALL ME WEIRDO!

P/S : I think I shall cut my fringe. Its time to cut my fringe. Side fringe made me look so old and its frigging annoying actually. The reason why I clip it up!


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