Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Welcome to the danger zone.

Aloha, today is not a good starting for me. I was late to work! My stupid alarm fails to wake me up. Gah! >.<>

Let's have a short view of pictures from 2005 ;

Before that, take a deep breath to start to scroll down okay? Please, accept how I looked when I was in form 1. Hello, im such a rockstar in form1. My hairstyle. HAHAHAH!

(Click to enlarge, if you have the guts)

That time, I like to edit my every single picture to very blur mode. We believed that the blurerof the picture, the nicer it will be! LOL! hahahaha!

Tadaa it was me! 2005. Cannot believe, hun? 3rd and 4th pic are year 2006. I try my best pick out the best among the rest liao!

form 3, form 3. form year 2007. I've curled my hair when I was form3.
The first picture, in pink color t shirt. Not so obvious cuz i tied up. After that, I cut to short hair again! ~!@#$%^&^%$#@

Year 2008, which Im form4! Getting older. : (
The picture, im wearing blue jersey. I didnt sleep for the whole night, due to certain reason. Aiks. Yeah, I stil remember why I didnt sleep for the whole night. Hmm.

2009. Form 5. A birthday cake from someone who used to be very important to me. Hmmm. But things chges now! Seriously, starts from year 2009. Birthday aint important for me anymore altot, I'll still hoping for something but alamak, it wont happen what I wishes or what I want! Kns.
The day after celebrate my birthday, had a big quarrel with my ex! demn. Tell me, how am I going to love my birthday?

Year 2010. jan - june.

2010 jun- oct.

2010 oct to dec.

2011 march!

The new of mine. From now onwards, I will only look forwards but not turning back! I keep telling myself this like, 1234567654 times. Trust me, one day i WILL FULFILL IT. Just wait for the days to come!

I really hate being blame by unknown like again and again. Can all these craps stop at a point? Make it end okay? Please. I need a peace life!

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