Monday, March 7, 2011


Tiring but productive. ; )

Im tired! my fingers are in pain! *screams* Especially, my thumb! cannot show *thumb up* sigh liao loh. >.< (lame joke, I know. -.- ) Its not easy to cut, seriously, paper box is DEMN FRINGING HARD! Pheww! I sacrifice my nails loh. :( I took 30 mins to complete my ten precious fingernails with nail polish. Call me noob, I will admit. >.<

and one more thing, today bo emo woh, maybe busy cutting while enjoy watching my pps! hehe! Chi Lam in this series movie dam cute weyy. I like his deep dimples! :DD I've finished ten episodes for today. HAHAHA!

the end of the post.


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