Thursday, March 10, 2011

This is me!

Greetings, world! Demn. Im back to normal. Emo-ness faded, camwhore like nobody business. LOL. I was too free after treating myself a snowflake! *yums* ILOVESNOWFLAKE! :)
Snowflake for me its an expensive dessert. lol. Anyway, anything to me is expensive. As long as need to dig my purse Its expensive!! T___T
Im officially broke! Hardcore already this month! : (( DIE STRAIGHT STRAIGHT! What a word. fcuk!

wuhooo, wanna see how ugly, how untidy am I at home? here we go..... :

Seriously, I don't mind to reveal how ugly am I to public anymore because this is me! I dont feel ashame for who am I, please accept who am I. If a guy who truly love a girl, they don't really care of a girl appearance.
Hmm ya lah, for the first sight, first impression appearance is very important. No doubt, same goes to me. I like to do scaning on pretty girls! hehe. This is one of my hobbies. Zoe the scanner. ; P

Am I look very difference in pic compare to reality? I wish..... the answer is a no! : ( I wish in reality i look better compare with picture. Like, seriously if you tell me
I look nicer in reality, I will happy die. HAHA! Thats why i said picture is deceiving all the time! Time to release my true color, how I actually look like w/o lens or make up?( alaaa, me make-up like no make-up)
waste money. this is what my friend said to me. KNS! And how I actually look like at home.


Whats wrong?!

The weirdest post ever! * my eye brown totally gone * !!
Look like a retard.

pushing something real heavy. ; P


Not my phone. ;)

The maximum..... If you get what I mean.

Hmmm, My naked eyes.

Is it very big difference? :) This is me!

Thank you for viewing. Sayonara! ;)

End of the post!

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