Friday, March 11, 2011


Hey, folks!

Wanna go beach,anyone?

Snapped by a lumix compact camera. The quality not that bad, right? hehe!
Credits to : Florence Khay. I did some edit on the picture, as well. the results me likey. Ugh! I wish to own a DSLR. T___T I want more and more money! Any side incomes suggestion? :(

Aiks! Today, I woke up late again, like again. #nowplaying- again and again 2pm. Hate it. Which is I got no time to wash my hair. T___T Bad hairdo day! fuck! :(( This is the reason why I tied up my hair today. Look Fugly. what to do!?!

Eh eh, peeps, do you think curly hair suits me? I mean big kind of curls. Suits me?

P/S : Aihh. Explanation made the situation worsen. No? *helps* sorry, dont put the blame on me!

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