Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Freaker. LOL!

A buddy will keep you honest and add a dimension of fun to your workout.

Aloha. I almost melted just now, I almost dead just now, I almost fainted just now. A.L.M.O.S.T !

Phew. Its fun actually. I love it. ;)

I back to shop in afternoon. Im tired. Half dead-ing now. Chat with rence just now. She freaks me out seriously. She shi kong kam. Let me share out, how she care her teeth to anyone of you. *evil grins* SHARING IS CARING. ;)

conversation from her :

'' i normally brush my teeth, floss, gaggle, clean my tongue and then brush again w diff toothpaste one ''

I was like... with different toothpaste? What the heck?!

then never mind, she freaks me out for second times of her process brush teeth.

'' i use darlie to clean all the germs. then floss is a must ad. to remove the stucked food in ur teeth. then gaggle with listerine to kill germs
clean my tongue to remove germs from tongue
then use sensodyne sensitive toothpaste to cover ur gums with calcium and to prevent tooth decay and also sensitive teeth ''

*big big wow* Kong kam. Real Kong kam. =/

My steps to brush teeth very simple. =.=

Brush teeth, clean tongue and gaggle with listerine. DONE! Need so many steps merh? Now, Im doubting If Im lazy to care of my teeth or what? Florence Khay you really freaks me out. LOL!

Next topic of the day :

A staff of my cousin offended me today. Gah!

Aric tells him that, Im only 19 years old. Then, he was like... haaaa? You so big size, 19 only mer?!

Huh? Meh yi si eh? -.- I just yell at him. Where your theory came from? T.T Never mind, forget bout it. Im very so used to it. :)

p/s : i will sleep earlier tonight! ;) Too tired =/

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