Sunday, March 20, 2011


SUPER VI 2010.

We lose this competition. I lose the competition but I gain another new experience so, conclusion It bought me benefits of joining SUPER this year. I enjoy pretty much at this tournament. My teammates are very friendly. We crack jokes together until late at night. I miss them much now. Alaa. Its like that one. Hopefully, coming next super. It chg to under 21 years if not this is the last year I can join SUPER! :(


Seriously, basketball really my life. I felt sad why I really can go with that kind of condition. I play so bad in the match. I don't have stamina, I play like beginner player do. I sad. I talk with my old friend, Yoearn, I get to know her since last few years ago. We met with each other through basketball. She is one of my trusted friend. Cant believe right? We do share a lot prob together. And yea, we didn't miss the chance heart to heart talk. As, we're hard to meet each other. Im at kl while she is at ti studying her form6. We stay up late that night, to story up what and how I gone through last year. Oh gosh! Time really flies like lighting. If time can turn back, I wish to back when I was 17. The happiness moment with all my basketball mates. But I know its impossible so Im looking forward from now onwards. :)

To mummy :

Sorry if im being to rude. I know you worried about me. No doubt Im having you as my mummy. You're the greatest mummy on the earth! ;) Sometime, I cant control my anger when Im talking to you. : ( I really really don't like the way you talk with me. Like scolding me like that, no trusting me at all. Im 19. I know to differentiate what is wrong what is right. I grow up already, mum! Im not naive anymore. Trust me please!

Lesson learnt : There's no shortcut for doing anything. ;)

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