Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love isn't finding a perfect person. It's seeing an imperfect person perfectly.

Je T'aime.

Every girls would love to hear from their loved one. So am I. ;) Im envy when I saw there are some sweet couples in front of me. Im envy NOT jealous. I wish I can be the lucky one who cared by boyf, who adored by boyf, who treats me like a princess. Nah, I dont wish for a fairy tales one but a reality one.

I wish my loved who can lend me his arms when Im moody, I wish my loved can acts like my best friend and share problems with me. I wish my loved one who can be me when I needed him. All I need is his sincerity. Dont put me down and don't leave me w/o acknowledgement! Thats It. I want a very simple relationship which is brought me to heaven but not hell. I need more courages. I had a fail relationship and lesson learnt. I shall not repeat it again. ; )

When comes to love, we shall not see perfection in a person, but to see an imperfect person perfectly. Love is like when a person's happiness is more important than your own. Yeah. This is so true! Hmm, sometimes, love is treating me badly. Aih! I shed tears and still want him and its when he ignores me and I still go after him. There's no right or wrong in this matter. So yeah. Lesson learnt again. Im proud to say that, I fight till the end. Love Its like when he/she loves another one but you still smile and say im happy for you. Seriously, I cant make it. I think I still don't understand what is love about. Im quite a selfish person. Hmph!

Notes for myself :

stop being that silly for a guy. I'm over pouring loves into a relationship which is almost made me died. Way too silly I reacted and did. I've disappointed my parents for once. twice NOT! When I flash back the moment argued/quarreled with my ex. *shaking heads* Im sorry if I did something hurt-ed you but the thing keep popping out whenever I'm looking backward. This is the reason why god created our eyes infront but not behind. I understand finally. I'm wondering why I can still accept the thing happens on me for me like three times? I thought I shall wake up when it happens for the first time but why Im not? Never mind, already jot down in my life's note. IT WILL NEVER NEVER HAPPENS ANYMORE. ;) I treasure the bad/sweet memories because it made me grown up. Thanks!
Im happy for who am I today! million of tears made me realised how cruel reality could be.

*The love that lasts longest is the love that is never returned* love me for who am I but not looking on what clothes on me. Love me for the rest of my life. Don't take me as granted. Don't start a relationship just for fun. You're a jerk! Go get a life. ruins my life if I found you the one! Old saying '' Love is blind but please dont love it blindly. Open your eyes big big when choosing a boyf.'' Mum used to say so to me. Myiahahaha! Signs off now. Crapping too much. >.<

#nowplaying - because you loved me by Celion Dion.

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