Sunday, March 13, 2011


Im sucks.

I only sleep 3 hours. : ( My mind keeps thinking about this monday competition. Im kinda emo now. Hmm, I don't know how am I going to match with
this sucky conditions. I didnt train at all. haih! Seriously, I regreted to say a 'yes' to my coach. I shouldn't join. I would rather give this chance to my junior
I really hate this kind of feelings. Sign. I dont want to achieve something, when I don't put any effort on it. No shortcut to achieve something! but why... I... sign!
I misses so much last two years SUPER. Everyone train so
hard for the competition. Yeah, we get second places our hardpay! We made the miracle, we beat Ipoh down. And enter final! The happiest moments in my life
. The memories still fresh in my mind. Everyone like, *jaw drops*. Hilir Perak won Ipoh?! See, results of real training! but this year everything vice versa.
We didnt train and just go competition like that. Will we success enter semi final
w/o any efforts? The answer is no. Its quite an impossible mission for me or other players thought.

I believed that other teams did well prepared for this competition but why hilir perak becomes like this? WHY?! Why there's a coach willing to train, but those players
like to give excuses cant go for training!? demn fucking hate this kind of attitude. You go for training, you the one who gain something not others. Not to mention
myself very good, no doubt every single training I will attend if Im at TI. I love training so much! I miss training with those seniors and my batch players like
whole lot. I really don't know why some players don't appreciate but yet keep giving those excuses cant attend training. If really, just don't join please.
Whats the point of joining the competition? For fun or what? Im feeling myself very sucks now!? I shouldn't say yes to my coach. i really afraid am will cause my team
lose in the match. Sign! We must win this two matches, so that will be easier for semi final's matches. Hmm, Kerian match I think lah, I think not a very big deal
for hilir perak. Utar abit tough. Gonna meet my ex teammate in the match. Good Luck, Lai Ling. ;)

My tears drop while Im viewing my basketball pictures from year 2006 while playing sentimental song. * :P, like purposely playing those sad songs. * Hmmm, from a person don't know a thing about basketball turns up basketball is her life.
I admit when starting, I take it for granted, didnt put heart on basketball, later soon I found interest in bbl, i start to tell myself not to give up
on bbl, keep going training, so that I can go further and more spaces to improve . Yeah, I can see the results after a year. ;) Im being chosen for Perak. I missed the three
chances have given. Hmm, for certain reasons I rejected. I regrets but Its over. Time cant turn back. Looking forwards. I really cant accept myself
didnt go for training and straight to competition! My first time ever. : ( I just went to play bbl but not training at all. Sign. I will tell coach, not to put me in main
five. I dont have the qualification anymore. No longer anymore. I wishes the best for us! Please. To be honest, I want to enjoy playing in the match but at the
same time I want to win too! Im not that kind of people who go for sake of playing. Im not. I enjoy and win the game. I want people know yeah, hilir Perak
still alive. Last two years, we did it! I felt proud of it until today! What about this year?

First match : Mon,14/3 (12pm vs Utar @ Sungai Siput. )
Second match : Tues,14/3 ( 9am vs Kerian. )

p/s : Hilir Perak players try our best okay?! Jia you okay, just do the best in the match. Good Luck!

#nowplaying - Im coming home.

xo! sign.

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