Sunday, March 6, 2011

what the heck.

What the heck!?...

I love today's weather. ;) Im getting better now, wuhooo! allergic go away, please! Praying this will be the last time. I dont wish each times take alcohol, suffering of itchiness! ZOMG! : ( Where the heck came from? My parents don't have allergy pon. I think I picked up from rubbish dump. mummy and papa. *cries* LOL!

To someone : Yeah, I saw the link you posted and hell I know you purposely post at FB, right? anyhoo, thanks! And dont be so indirectly tell me, you can straight away post it at my wall. Much appreciated. Oh, you can choose not to browse thru, if you knew it will disappoint you. ;) Seriously, I hate the way you did, like whole lot. Its quite ..... er.. I don't know how to describe. Btw, thanks for the info once again! : )

Im growing fatter and fatter? from size M turning to L(almost I think) then soon XL! *screams* Hello, I ate not much actually, ( am I trying to explain ?) T.T Seriously what, I ate two meals per day but why the heck, gaining weight?! Took dinner at late night? Okay, One of the main point. But I do cut down the quantity liao eh. As, Im rice tanker.... how pathetic! Can I just take my dinner at 6pm? Pretty please lah! : ( Its impossible I know. >:(

Time flies, Im going back TI soon, within 8 more days how fast!

Before I end the post. A big question mark in my mind!?

received a call from my mum, here is our conversation :

The daughter : Hello, mum, anything?
Mummy : Hello, nothing, how come dont have any news from you?

I was like.. wtf?! What news you want from me? HAHAHAHA! Laugh die me, cont.... blah blah blah. Go to the main point!

Mummy : You wanna drive car to kampar study ah, girl?
The daughter : you got car let me drive mer?....
Mummy : got ah, extra car. House got two cars liao mah.

Im happy for a moment and said.... '' ya mer? Then I can....... I haven finish my dialog!

Mummy : No ahh, you dream lah, I wont let you drive to kampar study!

The daughter : demn, walaoeh! Speechless. =.=

Seriously, I also didnt mention of wanna drive to kampar study or what. walaoeh! Gahh, like giving me a empty hope for few seconds. kill me bah! >.<

bye everyone! ;)

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