Monday, March 21, 2011


Im glad having you as my buddy. Like, seriously whole lot. Woah! Time really flies. We almost knowing each other for about, hmmm Let me count, Hmmm. 14 years! OMO! I cant believe that. 14 years! we've been throught thin and thick obstacles. LOL! ( Sounds like kapel with you ) Lesbo! >.<>

She is someone who is there for me when she'd rather be anywhere else. She is someone who knows the song in my heart, and can sing it back to me when I've forgotten the words. She is one who believes in me when I've ceased to believe in myself. She is someone who knows all about me and loves ME anyway!

I can fully trust her. She is the one who will only force me to examine, encourage me to grow. I remember you send to me a very long texts before you came to Kl to continue your studies. I still keep the text. The text touched me and my tears drop. She hor, always made me cry de loh. Ish.

''Zoe, mark my words this time, eventot, i'd have lotsa friends in future
when Im in coll and when we're less contacting.
youre still my best ftriend.very very bestie of mine. And
do you believe?that high school ftriends are the best in any way?
wht's more tht we're friends sinz kindergarden till primary and high school.
I've seen alot of high scool friends who wrote in facebook tha
t '' high school friends are the best''.
yea, you're my bestie! ''

I seems like older than her. Indeed, I older than her few months but vice versa.
She is someone who taught me alot of things.
Teach me what should do and what shouldn't do.
She is one who brings the best just for me.
she is someone who never tired giving me advices
when Im turning to anger. :(
Yeah, of cause we did argued for something but
we can settle it like very clear and no heart feelings!

2011 !

I Love You, kawan! xo. <3

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