Saturday, March 12, 2011

Big mommas!

eloha, world! Let's pray for Japan! :)

Big mommas!
I would rate it 9/10. Its effing funny. I lmfao, like seriously! It successfully made everyone in the cinema laugh like non stop. I like big momma! :) Last but not least, I adore the theme songs in this movie. Titled Lyrical Miracle by Prodi-G and Baby, you know- Brandon T.Jackson Ft Jessica Lucas. Addictive wey! People out there, must watch this movie. It made my day! =)

I curled my hair, believe? ;P

abit messy, I know. Actually, I just tied my hair like a bun for half day, it turns out like curled shape. It suits me or not? Opinion please lah. :)

Finally, we're over the rainbow! Thanks god. Everything is fine settled.

the end of the post. ;))


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