Friday, April 15, 2011

Speak out!

Its time to speak out!

Imma tell the truth out,right now. NOW! lol. No. maybe, later. I need a big courages to tell... anyone out there support me? : ( Im stressed. Im going to study soon. Next month. I really scared. :< I've to study harder compare with others. As, I had stopped study for a year, my brain is rusted. Im not wishing like that waste my mummy money on my studies. Its not a small amount to spend on me every month. Im not rich people, I cannot act like a rich people attitude, bare this in my mind, Lim JoeYee! REMEMBER THIS! =))

Last post, i've said wont camwhore until my fringe is long, yes? Ta-da.

Not counted, hehe! I hairband my fringe makes me look much better. =) Why lah, pictures always don't look like me? Tell me why-oh-why?


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