Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hometown's mission.

2days back.....

Yea, I back on monday night. 10pm bus. Phewww! I reached TI, its almost 1am. So latee. : ( But, Still there's someone came and fetch me! Thanks

My fringe horribly short. Its effing ugly. :( No more camwhore until fringe grow longer. A-MUST!
Back to topic. Mummy, fetch me to kampar to pay my course fess and find room! OMG!! Kampar is freaking hot. Its hotter than TI. How am I going to survive at Kampar? I tell my dad and one of my friend, kampar very hot. They gave me same answer : ''Kampar where will hot one? Got mountain de woh? '' kns. Got mountain jao wont hot? o.O
And bad new! T__T No more single room. Only available double room, which means need to share with a girl. An unknown. I want a single room ! : (( No more privacy already. I hate sharing room with people. Nvm, at least, i tell the fella who in charge, I want to change room, if single room available. But.. but.. need to wait. Aiks! Room settled ! =)

Next, Need to move my stuff to kampar. Headache. @@ Oh ya, yay-ness! Finally, I tidy up my room's cupboard. wuhoo! So clean now! :D The saddest part is..... pants and tee I bought last time, I dont fit them anymore. Im so fat! >.< Suan le ba! Kayao Kam fei lah Lim Joe Yee! =)

Thanks mummy fetching me to kampar and being very patience find room with me. ♥ YOU! =)

P/S : damn you who is sitting opposite me now, can you just stop laughing even a minute? CAN YOU? Stop watching those noob show, can? oOo

pissed of! >.<

signoff! IMYSM!

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