Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hey, loveliess. Im back! =) Last week, not in mood to blog lah. Now, everything is fine and right on track. Yeah! *glad* Thanks mummy! Love love you. Muah mwah! 5 more days I will be back. Feeling mixed. damn deep deep. = ( Eventually, I will start study. Takuttttt 》。《 What if I cant do well in my studies? What If I failed all my subjects? What if I cant mix around with my coursemates? What if I get influenced? What if what if..... too many '' what if '' playing in my mind. knn!

weather nowadays make me very pening! sekejap sejuk sekejap panas. knn or not!? Sun is being very bastard. hmph! And horny on the same tim as well. The hotter youre, the lesser cloths we wear! Thin thin kind of Tee the best choice! Pheww. I sweat like pig, once step out from my shop. @@

I bought this flat at Sg wang! Hurts my legs so bad. T___T. Another proven No buying no brand flat for own sake! I just noticed the brand of this shoes. ''lemon'' HAHAHHAA! No wonder... make my life so sour when wearing this shoes walk on street! How creative am I? *winks*


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