Sunday, April 24, 2011


Greetings, folks! ♥ Woke up like usual this morning, get myself prepare then head to work. =) Today, seriously is terribly hawt. Aiyomak! Yesterday, I think lot, really lot. Think till way too far. Haih. I got no idea why, I like to think, actually I know when I start the '' think'' I will get emo but still.... Yeah. T.H.I.N.K! Whenever, I start the '' think '', I like to post something at my twitter. But.... at home Im unable to do so. Home got no connection. How wish I got a smart phone, bb zai! I can tweet at everywhere, anytime. Shall I get myself a bb? I don't know. i feel myself, demand too many.When I achieved to get the thing I want, there's coming new one hit me again. Im not rich. Nono.. Suppose to say. Im poor. I need to depend on my parents until I graduate from my studies. If can, I really don't want parents spend money on me, I wish I can earn money while Im studying too, but if that impossible? I don't feel good using mum's money. really bad. Its already a year, Im free from asking mum money. Im proud. I manage to get a camera and pretty clothes with my own money! My OWN MONEY! Except laptop. =(

I smile till very happy, right? I really don't know when was the last time I really smile from my heart? Last year? Hmmm. =(

Emo momo then snap down! Not really looks like emo-ing. Aha!
Yesterday, I wanna get out from home, I need someone to bring me out, beside me. =( But ... I want to eat dessert. dessert can chill me out, even abit. Its more than enough.

My hair is longggg, very longgg. LOL.

Signoffs! <3

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