Saturday, April 2, 2011

No title.

Tears are words cant heart express.

Out of sudden I turn to emo. I think because of the headache cause my mood drops to bottom. Its very suffering! : ( I talk to no one for the whole day like almost a year. Very good. Proud of myself. Seems like everyone are back to hometown for Qing ming. I didnt go for qing ming for two years means I never pai pai to gong gong two years lu. Time flies. This is the third years, gong gong leave us! Ah gong, I really miss you! I miss you taught me mathematics when I was in primary, I miss you play badminton with me, I miss you bought tau fu fa to me, I miss we swimming together, I miss you rush me go to bath every time Im back from school, I miss you cook noodles to me when i don't like the food that mummy bought, I miss you accompany me wait uncle come and fetch me to school,I miss you cycle me back from school when I missed uncle car, I miss talking with you, I miss we gamble together! I miss every single moments with you! Ah gong, I still remember the day you went away, Just few hours after I fed you food. It seriously, bought me a very big impact. A call from daddy saying that gong gong passed away and I just woke up from nap. I really don't know what to do. I just keep walking at home while waiting mummy come and pick me up. I cant talk any single word at the moment! Gong gong, I really miss you! Do you hear me?

Tears just dropping while Im typing this post, I need someone to be with me when I seriously emo but who will be with me?
*rubbing tears* tell myself stop crying, Im tough!! Okthxbai!

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