Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mix-ed !

Hey, loveliess! Sun rise and shine! ( ITS FREAKING HOT THESE FEW DAYS! ) Oh, This post suppose to be post at yesterday but due to certain reasons delayed to post. I will explain why later on. :)

Masking. I love this mask seriously. Very cooling.... wuhoo! >;)

After masked! I feel so fresh seriously! ;)

Its time to burst out.... 1,2,3 GO!

Less an A! DAMN. Streamyx*

Based on the pictures above, need not me to mention, right?

Pfff! Seriously, pissed me off. FUCK YOU, STREAMYX! Please allowed me to say it again. FUCK YOU!

Okay, I’ve made three times calls to TMNET. Each time, they gave me diff patterns, you know PATTERNS! First, ‘’sila tunggu sebentar, saya akan sambung talian anda ke teknikal talian ‘’ Okay, I wait….. suddenly, disconnected. FTHETMNET! Alright, after an hour, I call for the second times, blah blah blah, asking the same question! Alright, Its okay. I know this is the procedure and I did what she asked me to do, plug the cable to my laptop. ( btw, my shop is running wireless, wht the hell, you asked me to do when its nth related? ) I followed. Again…. Suddenly, the line went silence *dotttt dottt dottt*. WTF?! I accept the second times, MAYBE, my line got problem! The third times, I call. Im bit not so patience. Tht fellow ask me the same question ‘’kaseh I you punya streamyx ID‘’ ( I later kaseh you pecat! ) HUHUH! while I asked him, I don’t know my shop streamyx ID, I tot of giving my shop name and the number is more than enough to check whts wrong with the line?!X23456 times! Talking with tht fellow for around 15 mins, the same thing repeating again and again! Like, chicken talking with a duck! FML! To be honest, I throw my temper towards him and I said ‘’ I’ve called the third times, and each time, the line suddenly went to disconnect and the worst part is your colleague telling me the diff things as what you said to me! Based on what she says to me is the number I’ve given is correct and its for streamyx line but the hell you tell me is this is not the number for streamyx line?! ‘’ WTF!? Im wondering what the hell they all sitting there doing nothing, but yet every month got income! Im not pointing to anyone, Im just too frus. Allow me burst out please! If not, I’ll go insane. Okay back to the topic, you know. I called three times. Three times! Each time, suddenly went disconnect. Is it so coincidence line went wrong? Im doubting. Okay, Im being bit rude and sarcastic for the third times call, cause I really can’t stand with their damn fucking cow shit low service! SUCKS TO THE MAX! fuck off! Pffff. !@#$%^&*()_+_)(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@#$%^&*&^%$#!


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