Saturday, March 26, 2011


I found something nice at store room just now and I tried it at the same time helps to kill my bored time! = )

*ignore my feet*
Nah, actually it is just a plain 3/4 skirt but yet it attracted me to try . *Akhem* Im unique. LOL!

I think it will look nicer with a pair of converse shoes. I don't have converse shoes. I will grab them next month, trust me. >.<>
MONEY IS HARD TO EARN!! Mr money why are you so evil? Such a devil but still loving you. <3 style="text-align: center;">

I try to wear it for like few options/ways. HAHAHAHAHA. Im just too bored and Call me creative bah. ; P

First option ;
Wear it like a tube dress with a waist belt.
I don't fancy those belt one, bo ngam my style but ts nice maybe, er.. I just way too TB, So.... Yea. Tee w/ pant always the best! = / *SMACK HEAD*

Second option :
fold it until like a short tight high waist skirt. *WHAT A LONG NAME*
Is it every basketball player's tight is so big? Haih! My tight is so big. I hate it ! = (

Third option :
Match with a Tee/Polo Tee. Converse shoes. HAHAHA!
Crazy! What also match with converse shoes. Another evidence Im so casual type. I want to be more lady. Tell me more how a lady will wear, pleaseeee. >.<
Opinion pleaseee. Is that okay ? Im going to buy this. HAHAHHA! So worth $89 got four ways to wear. 89 divide by 4 equal $22.25. At the same time, Im dilemma-ing too eh. I don't know if I will wear it out even once? I got few dresses/skirts in my wardrobe for like donkey years ago since I bought 'em. They're still a virgin! Poor baby! Damn! :( I just buy buy buy but didnt wear at all. Im so waste. @@

p/s : I'll start to change my this eff-ing bad attitude. Buy things which is needed' nuff! Please.If continue tis way, Im dying real soon when I start my coll life. No incomes anymore. = (
I must learn to think about my parents. Mummy work so hard I shouldn't spend money like nobody business!

Signs off!


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