Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hello hello. Two days didnt blog. I dont.know.what.to.blog.about. Omg, My life is bored to death. =.= Pathetic. T.T

Let spam this post with my poor phone camera pictures! 1@#$%^&*(*&^%$
Testing 1,2,3.

Lg front camera sucks to the max! Colorless,pixel-ess,blur-ness,focus-less! I can complain even more actually, but... nvm... forget bout it. =s

Aww, saw my notebook? As if you all can see clearly.Actually, Im holding my gingerbread notebook. I'm just after writing my notebook about my day! =)

Testing 2! Just after bath, loafing in living hall.

Testing 3! Confirmed! Lg camera sucks to the max! >.<
Im sleepy @@. waiting my hair to dry. =.= My hair are long long long. I wanna cut it short! Ish.


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