Wednesday, April 6, 2011

untitled 2!

stress is a way to success.

After so longgg, yesterday really the real day make me stressed up! Real bad. Mummy call me 6 calls within half hour. =/ the first two calls, seriously stressed me up! Oh mummy! I really don’t like seriously damn hate that kind. I dislike the way you talk to me with a fierce tone. Whats wrong with you or me? Maybe, at the same time I raise my voice to talk with you. Sometime, I choose not to tell you everything. This is the reason why. When I didn’t let you know any single thing, you will complain about me that whatever stuff didn’t let you know. Mummy, I hope you understand that, I don’t want end up argue with you, so I chose not to let you know as I think Im big enough to make decision for it. Trust me, please. : ( Okay, back then. I don’t know what to say suddenly I cried. Haaaaa, mum started talk softly with me. This is the weapon to make my mummy talk nicely with me. Phewww! >.< The last call, I say ‘’ woah, mii your hp still got enough credits to call me mer? Sure this is the last time you call me ho? ‘’ HAHHAHA! Whenever, ‘MUMMY calling’’ appear on my hp’s screen, I’ll take a deep breathe before answer. Pressuring. @@.

My jeans is so tight ! Die. T.T

Nah, this is the internship boy that I used to complain at my twitter. He is way too weird. I cannot accept the way he sings, he talks and self-talking! F. Sometime, I thought he talks with me but actually is not! How embarrassing you tell me. =.= The worst part, Yesterday He dig gold infront of me. FML! Holyshit. Gg!!but.. but.... he got one good point also de, I don't und the chinese words, I can ask from him. HAHAHA! My chinese improved bit. Thank you !=)

sign off! =)

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