Thursday, April 28, 2011

Life is weird.

Roger roger, loveliess! Today is the last day i will be working at here. I started to miss everything at here. : ( I sad but at the same time Im happy. LOL. I sad because I gonna leave the three monsters, shopping malls and kawan at here. : ( I happy its because I don't have to emo momo like everyday alone at shop. Pathetic! *cries* Oh well, I've been working at here for about, 1 year! *big claps for myself* Its not easy to come over here alone, and whole year alone in a shop. Im quite proud of myself actually. *blushing* And and Thanks kawan who makan with me these few days before Im back to hometown. Thanks Kevin and Rain for the treats! =)) At this moment, I have a very very heavy heart to leave this place, I got no idea why lah!? before this, I always complain and argue wanna back hometown and each time back to PJ will cry like a baby girl. Ish! Vice versa everything now. o.O Human born to be complicated. Im complicated human! =.= And... and...Nothing already. From now onwards, I NEED/MUST/WANT read more CNN, and etc to enrich my general knowledge. My general knowledge like bloody hell. >.< *Fingers and toes crossed* Frankly, some words from newspaper I don't understand. =.= Their reporting language is bit weird. Okay lah, not weird maybe Iml not familiar with 'em. T.T Why I don't own my papa and gor gor's habit read newspaper everyday? All these while, I don't give a damn about it, my duty of the day are twitter, tumblr, read famous blogger * like small small fans and envy their life* WHAT THE HECK! Im so wrong... I shouldn't be envy their life. Why not I try to make it happen? Right? There's no shortcut in life, put effort and god will pay for it. Its a process! A process! =) Its never late to start now, a friend of mine told me that, never be late if I start now. Woah! Can I make it? Can or not? Go and grab, Zoe! I shall upgrade myself in every single time, every moment to transform myself to be a better one. Bare in my mind '' mummy, want to be somebody''. Imma hit the target!

I think Im a loser, I don't really go after my dream, and hardly for me to speak out a '' NO '' to people. Aih! I really don't feel comfortable with it but .... I don't know how to say a no. So, yea I just nod my head and say yes. FML! Nah, I will change this also! Too many bad habit I need to choose. No one is perfect, right? Same do I. :) Crap too much already. Aahh, who cares? Im a veyr lousy bloggers. A post full whole grammars mistake. T.T.

And thanks for those who helped me, I mean in a sense of advising me, especially, FLORENCE KHAY MAY LEE. I really glad people surrounding me treating me well and never give me up. Seee, so many people treating me so good, I don't understand why the heck, everyday emo momo. Im guilty now. =( Change this attitude too, okay? ; )

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