Sunday, April 10, 2011



Pimples all over my face! Haih.

wuwu! >:( Im just so bored. Sorry abit for spamming my blog with my pictures. : ( Sincerely Sorry! =) Dilemma. Very dilemma. :( when my fringe are short, die also I want hairband it. You tell me lah, whats wrong with me? : ( Btw, I like this hairband. hehe! ; ) Ohya, Tomorrow Im going back to TI to settle my studies stuffs and looking for room! Anyone who are staying nearby Tarc? I need room! R.O.O.M!

Thanks alot for those who helped me. Appreciated.

p/s : Mr/Mrs/Miss, when you already rented out the room, please lah, remove the board! You're making people life miserable! Deng. Waste my credits to call !


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