Friday, March 25, 2011


Aloha, folks!
Hows ya day? :) I wake up very the early this morning! hehe. Ben bought me out for breakfast. He bought to me makan very famous wan tan mee. Its HK style @ Aman Suria. Omo! Its damn delicious I must say! (Y) Once, again Happy birthday and have a blast one ya, Ben! :))

After breakfast, asked him to drop me at Sunway Giza. I bought a new notebook for myself.

Gingerbread man's notebook.
It costs me a boom. $27. First time ever bought so expensive notebook but but... the cover is very special eh, wrap by cloth. Unique?

promises that promised were jot down in this notebook. I got this strong evidence in future. Hiak! Hopefully, you're worth for my wait and thanks for being tolerate to me. Let's time and god judge. :)
Yeah, One more month time. Its not long neither short too. Can we overcome this?

Before, I end the post.I would like to say. I miss you, Yoearn! Im quite shocked one of old friend text me! She was being very busy after she enter form6 but cool yesterday, I received her text. Im really happy you know. Its hard to describe that kind of happy. Its like...... aww touched! Im coming back real soon, we can hang out again like last time.

see you, love! next coming month!

note to Florence Khay : When gonna be our next meet? I miss you and miss talking with you face to face. I've lots stuffs to share and talk to you. Msn and calls were not enough, okay? Really meeting you soon, okay? ♥ you!

p/s : What are words If you really don't mean them when you say them? Hopefully, what you said you really meant it.


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