Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hey, folks!

I want to go beach badly, but... Im putting the blame on timing! : (

Perhentian Sunset.
See so yao feel, right?

Don't need me to mention the name, you guys also knowwhat island is this bah. Wuwu : (
I want to go! Bitches, Redang plans cancel?

At least, I went to pangkor before for ONCE! : )

Teluk Batik. Bet every Perak-ains went before. Guarantee!

Last few days, only I knew Lumut got such nice beach eh. I was shocked.

I shall pay a visit to there since Its near to my hometown. One day trip is always easy to plan. Who wantS to go? Let me know!! I really missing lying on the beach and listen to the wave sounds! Aww... Its so relaxing. And I love to watch sunrise and sunset. My past 19years, I never have a chance to watch sunset but.... In future, I believe I can manage to watch for uncountable times! Im positive enough for today! ;) there's always a chance for me to watch. Im waiting the right time to watch tog with my loved one. how sweet. hehe!

Beach lovers, drop me a comment, if you're going/ or wish to go. Tag me alongggg lahhhh! ;))


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